Kyknet Bak of Brou

I had the tremendous honor of participating in Kyknet’s first series of Bak of Brou. Here they took two professional bakers to compete against each other in a 3 hour bake-off. Baking cakes from scratch, cooling and decorating according to a special celebrity clients specifications. I was given the opportunity to bake against the amazing @Rozannescakes! By my side for support was my amazing and talented friend Chrissy Bruwer from Artifex creative photography! 

Our theme: Arabian nights, Gold and Cerise pink

Party: 21st Birthday celebration

Flavours: Rosewater and honey

Our first clue were given to us to prepare and send a concept sketch. 

On the day we were given two more clues during the bake-off, number one, dancing and two rose petals that had to be sweet.

For our 15 minutes of fame it took the whole day to film, accept for the 3 hours of baking, no exceptions there! It ended with a 21st business celebration of celebrity chef @JennyMorris’s restaurant in Cape quater.

What a wonderful experience! Thank you to @AnelPotgieter, Kyknet, and our amazingly talented and fun camera crew.

To all the sponsors, Instax, Russell Hobs, Cab foods and my butchers block, thank you for the wonderful prizes!

Last but not least, thank you to the best chef in town, @JennyMorris for choosing CuppaCakes as the winner!!!!!

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